On Thursday the 2nd and Friday the 3rd of February a group of 45 young people aged between 15-24 years from refugee backgrounds attended the Migrant Reasource Centre’s ‘Camp of Courage’ at The Lea Scout Centre.

The Camp of Courage was a two day program organised by young people for young people. The camp focus was on the themes of : independence, mastery, generosity and belonging.

Football Federation Tasmania MiniRoos Development Officer Ben Horgan and Women’s Development Officer Holly Ayton were involved in facilitating two football sessions to support the theme of generosity and belonging.


Playing at a football club and in a team increases social participation and community connections for young people settling in Tasmania from Refugee backgrounds.

“Football is an international sport loved by young people from many different backgrounds. Soccer is a team sport that relies on cooperation and teamwork. The FFT sessions were a relaxed and fun opportunity for the young people to get to know each and work as a team overcoming language and cultural differences.”

Youth Program Team Leader Sally Thompson shared.


Further collaboration between Football Federation Tasmania and the Migrant Resource Centre Youth Program will occur to facilitate pathways into club sport.

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