Why has this decision been made?

This decision has been made on the advice of the experts and is to protect both our participants and the broader community from the threat of COVID-19. Continuing with the usual football related activities risks spreading the infection further to those in the community who are vulnerable. As the State’s largest participation sport, we have a social responsibility to be part of the community response to help slow the virus down and help our health systems to cope by flattening the curve.

Can my club continue training?

No, all organised club training activities should have ceased as this an environment in which the virus could spread. Players should be encouraged to undertake individual training programs.  Clubs must not require players to gather together to train. In order to help protect the community, this suspension applies to all sanctioned matches and competitions, as well as training and all other associated football related activities.

Does this apply to Futsal?

Yes, all Football Tasmania Futsal competitions have been postponed.

Does this mean football is cancelled for 2020?

No, this is a temporary suspension for the time being. Football Tasmania will do everything possible to maximise the amount of football that is played in 2020, notwithstanding the uncertainty around the impact of the Coronavirus and at all times adhering to the advice of experts in relation to this. This will obviously require some flexibility and adaptability from all of us, including from our local councils, where longer than usual access to grounds may be necessary. We will work closely with all clubs and associations in this regard. Competitions may look a bit different in terms of when and where they are staged, but we will endeavour to make sure that football is played this season, provided it is safe to do so.

Will I get a refund on registration fees?

Football Tasmania is working closely with FFA, as well as our clubs and Associations to discuss the financial implications of the postponement. Further information will be provided in due course, but for now this is a 4 week delay and the possibility still exists for a full season of football. For more information see the March 21 Circular from FFA. 

What happens if the situation hasn’t improved by 31 May?                                       

This is an ever-changing landscape and we will continue to rely on the advice of the State and Federal Governments, World Health Organisation, Department of Health and FFA as to when play can resume. Football Tasmania will continue to put the health and safety of our participants and the broader community at the forefront of all our decision-making. We will provide constant updates throughout the suspension period.

If players can’t train together then how are they supposed to start up again on the 31 May and play a game on the 6th June?

Consideration for club preparation will be made when fixturing the various competitions. A suitable lead in time will be given to clubs to allow them to train and get themselves ready before competitive games resume. This will be communicated in advance of competitions resuming and the length of this period will depend on the length of the postponement.