FFT Board Communique: June

Hello everybody,

A quick update from the Board. Focus has been maintained on sporting infrastructure. A big thank you to those 12 or so clubs that have already participated in meetings regarding current and future facilities. We are in the process of arranging meetings with all clubs and these will happen throughout July. Once the club meetings have been completed, we will engage with key local councils as well as the State Government.

Clubs may be aware that we have been working with the Migrant Resource Centre in Glenorchy to integrate as many of their young clients as possible into the football community. Ben Horgan, from FFT, has worked closely with a number of clubs which have provided opportunities for over 40 players of various cultural backgrounds to participate in our sport. We are very grateful to everyone who has been so positive and cooperative around this initiative. We will review the program at the end of the season and look to work with more clubs and players in 2018.

One of the positive things about football is the incredible passion with which people approach the game. This is very true in Tasmania where there is great pride in people’s individual clubs and fantastic competition on the pitch across the whole state. Sometimes however this passion can be taken too far. We have already been talking to clubs about the need for greater discipline on the pitch. There has also been an unacceptable level of criticism and abuse directed at FFT staff over the past few weeks. We have taken action in writing to the specific individuals concerned in the worst cases and we have also written to all club Presidents on the matter.

Respect is an important part of the game and we want to maintain and environment where everyone can enjoy the sport whether they are a player, official, referee or indeed a staff member of the governing body. We would ask everyone to focus on delivering a positive second half of the 2017 season.

As we’ve recently advised, the State Government has increased our funding for the next four years. It is our intention to use some of these additional funds to support women’s football and refereeing. To that end, we are pleased to announce that Holly Ayton will now be employed on a full-time basis from 1st July and will no doubt continue to make a strong and positive contribution in the women’s game. We are currently working on a new opportunity to support refereeing and we will have more information in this area over the coming weeks.


Sean Collins

President Football Federation Tasmania