Registration for the 2018 Hobart Term 1 Futsal Season is now closed

Junior Rosters

Senior Rosters

  • Hobart Youth rosters runs from Friday 16th February 2018 until Friday 20 April, 2018.
  • Hobart Senior rosters runs from Sunday 11th February 2018 until Sunday 22 April, 2018.

Our Futsal competitions are the biggest, highest quality and best value-for-money competitions in the state. They are fully endorsed by Football Federation Australia and line up with national Futsal pathways through the FFA National Futsal Championships.

Futsal is played on a court ranging in size from that of a basketball court to the full FIFA International size of 40 x 20 metres. The futsal ball is smaller and has a low rebound compared with a football. This means futsal develops close individual ball skills as the court is small and players are forced into limited spaces with fewer options.

Futsal Competitions

If you have any futsal related queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Jayden onĀ 6273 3299, extension 1-2 or via email futsal@footballfedtas.com.au