2017 SAP Programs

The Football Federation Tasmania (FFT) Skill Acquisition Programs will be coming into their fourth year in 2017, being implemented through licensed clubs.


The eight licensed clubs and the FFT Northern Development Centre will manage their specific SAP Programs, in which each club will bring together a squad of talented players from the ages of Under 9’s to Under 12’s, to train together twice a week and player in 4 state wide festivals.

The programs will see better identification opportunities for talented players and more focused development in line with the National Curriculum.

FFT will be holding regular SAP festivals for the Under 9’s to 12 component from these club programs to be used for identification purposes. The programs will run for 36 weeks in each club with four major non-results based festivals scheduled across the year.

Find out more information on your local club’s SAP Program:


2017 National SAP Festival

Devonport will again play host the National Skill Acquisition Festival in 2017. It will be hosted from March 3-5 at Valley Road.

More details to come shortly.

SAP Philosophy and Methodology

The Skills Acquisition program is a nationwide initiative of Football Federation Australia and Supported by Football Federation Tasmania. A key aspect of the new FFA National Curriculum is the implementation of a Skill Acquisition Program to perfect and accelerate the skill development of identified talented players at the critical ages of 9 to 13. These are the age groups universally acknowledged to be the optimal mental and physical phase in which children are able to learn motor skills.

14358922_1375892019116056_1305241539893901357_nIn Australia there is too strong an emphasis on results at too young an age. Therefore generally the biggest, strongest and fastest kids are being identified instead of the most talented ones.

Although winning is the purpose of a game of football, the manner and importance differs per age group. At the younger ages, youth development should focus on teaching children the skills to win a game of football “the proper way”. At the world’s top level the most skilful players decide the games, not the biggest, strongest and fittest!

At this age, football is about getting better and having fun. The Skills Acquisition Program ensures our youngest footballers are doing just that.